How to Unlock Bitlocker Recovery Key id windows 11, 10

If you update your Dell laptop from Windows 10 to Windows 11 then this BitLocker recovery key id error can be seen. Even if you have never enabled BitLocker encryption on your system.

In my case, I found that BitLocker encryption was enabled automatically after updating the BIOS on my Dell laptop. However, on some Dell devices, BitLocker is automatically triggered to encrypt the drive if a Microsoft account is used on the system.

What is BitLocker Recovery Key Id

A BitLocker recovery key Id is a unique 48-digit numerical password that can be used to unlock your Windows system (PC or Laptop).

If BitLocker is unable to confirm this then your attempt to access the system drive will not be authorized. And you may have to format your Windows.

Where to find the Dell BitLocker recovery key

Make sure the recovery key was backed up securely before activating BitLocker protection. Your BitLocker recovery key may be in several places, such as in your Microsoft account, on a USB flash drive, in an Azure Active Directory account, or in one of your organization’s systems.

Your Microsoft account

First of all, Sign in to your Microsoft account on another device such as your Pc, Laptop, or Phone to find your recovery key.

On your USB flash drive

Plug your USB flash drive into your locked PC and follow the step-by-step instructions. If you saved the key as a text file on a flash drive, use a different laptop or computer to read the text file.

On Azure Active Directory account

Yes, if your computer was ever signed in using a school or organization email account, your recovery key id would have been stored in that organization’s Azure AD account. And you may be able to access it directly or may even need to contact the system administrator to access the BitLocker recovery key.

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How to Find BitLocker Recovery Key id on Windows (Dell laptop, Hp laptop, or Computer) Using Phone

If you do not have any other laptop or computer then you can get your dell BitLocker recovery key id on your android phone and remove the recovery key id dell error.

Dell recovery key id Example: 012345-678901-234567-890123-456789-012345

Here’s how to find the Bitlocker Recovery key for dell laptop on Android Phone (2022)

  1. First Sign in to your Microsoft account on your mobile. or
  2. Go to your Microsoft account> devices> recovery key. or Tap the direct BitLocker recovery key link –
  3. Now you will see your dell recovery key id (unique 48-digit password).
  4. Enter your Bitlocker Recovery Key Id to identify your key dell laptop or Hp laptop.
how to get bitlocker recovery key - sign in Microsoft
confirm your Microsoft account password
Sign in Microsoft account to fix dell recovery key
bitlocker recovery key id to identify your key dell laptop using phone

That’s it, you have successfully fixed the BitLocker recovery key dell error.

How to bypass BitLocker recovery key?

If you are unable to recover BitLocker even after repeatedly entering the correct recovery key, follow the steps below to exit the BitLocker recovery loop.

  • Tap Esc for more BitLocker recovery options.
  • Click on the Skip option at the right corner.
  • After that, Select Troubleshoot option.
  • Now, Select Advanced options.
  • Then Select Command prompt (cmd).
  • On the command prompt manually type the command👉 manage-bde -unlock C: -rp recovery password to unlock the drive & press Enter.

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