How To Tag Someone On Facebook

Sharing ideas and memories or events on Facebook is easier than on other social platforms. Facebook users can create virtual feelings of being together with its tagging system. Yes, tagging someone on Facebook makes the audience aware of the relationship and events going on/held at the time. Here’s How To Tag Someone On Facebook

Besides, when we tag someone in a post or any update, people will get the notifications at the top. This helps people understand what the post is about. In short, tagging on Facebook is one of the best ways to share events on social platforms.

Tagging someone on Facebook is a primary and basic thing for every Facebook user. Although it’s simple to Tag your Facebook friends, we are here to guide you through the professional way to do it.

How Do Facebook Tags Work?

If the users tag someone in a specific post, the person tagged in that post will get notified. It means they will receive a notification informing them they are tagged in.

After that, the post where the users are tagged will appear on their timeline. Following that, Facebook will notify users of each comment, like, and recommendation made by the public and friends.

You can assign tags to people or pages easily using your Facebook App or even the Facebook Web App. Nowadays, you also can mention someone rather than tag them in the post.

How to Tag Someone on Facebook on the Facebook App

  • Decide what the status you are going to share is. Upload the photos or type some text in the status box.

Tap on the tag, people. It is given at the bottom of the status with an icon.

How to Tag Someone on Facebook on the Facebook App
  • Just tap on that.
  • Choose your friends from the suggested friends. Here you can find the most tagged person among the top suggestions. Also, there’s the search box where you can enter the friend’s name and find it.
How to Tag Someone on Facebook on Facebook App
  • Tap on Done after selecting the friends you want to tag in that post.
  • Check all the status, photos, or videos before posting the status.
  • After everything is clear, tap on the post.

That’s what you can do to tag someone in your post from the Facebook App. Here you can also edit the tag easily. You need to tap on the Edit Post and then add or remove the friends in the tag from the Facebook App (Not Facebook Lite).

How to Mention Someone on a Facebook Post

The new feature to get engaged with friends to share it with a large audience is by mentioning someone in the post. It’s the coolest feature that I used to love from Facebook. Mentioning features are similar to Tagging, but they are not the same.

It is used to make the status more meaningful and clarify the post. These days, many Facebook users use this method to point out someone or something in the position rather than tagging.

Check out these steps to mention someone on a Facebook post.

  • Start by typing your status. Here you can add anything as usual.

Type “@” and the people or pages you want to mention in the post. Here, as an example, we use “@deepika.” Here we tagged or mentioned the Deepika in our post. Like this, you can also mention your friends.

How to Mention Someone on a Facebook Post
  • After finishing it, tap check it all once.
  • Tap on “Post” to share the post on your status.

On Facebook Desktop, tag someone.

If you are on a desktop and willing to tag someone or your friends in a particular post, you can do it quickly. Check the steps that you can follow.

  • Visit or open the Facebook App for Windows.
  • Click on “What’s on your mind?” We can access this from the newsfeed or home section on your desktop to share the status.
  • Click on the “Create Post” and start typing something or adding photos or videos.
  • After that, click on the option (three dots given near it). It shows the other options to choose from while sharing your post.

Click on the tag “people.”

How to Tag Someone on Facebook desktop
  • Type your friend’s name in the search box and select it one by one.
  • Tag the desired number of friends on the post and then check the post once.
Tag someone on Facebook on pc
  • To share the post, tap on the share button. Finally done.
Tag on Facebook - post

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Mention Someone on Facebook Desktop (Tagging with “@”)

Tagging with an @ is one of the most effective methods these days. Check these steps. How to tag someone on Facebook using the @ method.

  • Click on ‘What’s on your mind?’ and start creating the post.
  • Add “@” and the name of the person or page to tag on that post to point it out.
  • Check once before posting, and click on “Post” to share.

How to Tag Someone in an Old Post

Facebook users can edit their posts and make changes as needed. Users like you can change the tag of your previous post easily. Examine these steps,

  • Find the post in which you want to make the changes in the tag.
  • Tap/click on the three dots (Option) of that post and then edit the post.
  • Tap/click on the tag people (shown in the blue human icon form) and add or remove the friends or pages as you need.
  • Check it once after modifying it, and then click Done.

How to tag someone in a Facebook photo (Photos of You)

Tagging someone on a specific post allows you to show the tag on other posts. If you tag someone in your photo, it will be shown in the Photos of You section of the people you tagged.

Here’s how you can tag someone in your photo (add a tag to the photo).

  • Tap/click on the photo you posted.
  • On the upper side, you see the tag icon. Tap or click on that icon.
  • It shows “Who is this?” in the search box. Search for a friend or select from the suggestions there.
  • That’s okay.


How many people can I tag in my post?

Facebook allows any user to tag someone in a post they’ve shared. The users can tag their friends as per their wishes and needs. Regarding whether the number of people to be tagged in a particular post is limited,
Facebook users like you can tag all their friends from their friend list. People used to tag around 20 people (or more), 5 people (average), and 2-3 people (basic) in the post.

Can I Tag people who aren’t on my Friend List?

Nowadays, many Facebook account holders used to make enough changes in their accounts. These days, Facebook also features the Follow option instead of Sending/ being friends on it.
In these cases, the users can’t tag them. In short, we can tag those Friends only who are on our friend list. 

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