How to Change Facebook Page URL

How to Change Facebook Page URL step by step Guide: Each profile and link has its own identity. If you are a Facebook holder, you will know that your Page name contains the random Facebook page username. It’s best to update that username with your best page name.

You are likely to be familiar with your Facebook Page URL (Facebook Page Username) and know that the best URL is one that is closest to your page name. If your URL isn’t compelling enough, or you have just changed your Facebook Page name, it’s essential that you also update your URL. It will ensure that all information matches up.

Facebook used to prohibit URL changes, but they have since allowed edits. Here are steps on how to change Facebook page URL.

It is easy to change your Facebook page URL. This can be done using any device in under a minute. Think twice before you change your URL. However, before you change your URL, take a moment to think.

Once you have changed it, only the new URL will remain active. The old URL/link will no longer be active and will not work. If you feel it is necessary to modify your Facebook URL, change it. After you have adjusted your Facebook Page URL, notify everyone. It will allow all your Facebook friends, customers, followers, and followers to access it.

What is Facebook Page URL?

 Facebook URL is a unique web address or link that Facebook provides you for easy promotion and quick access to your Facebook Profile Page. It is the last part of your website address after

Check your Facebook page URL directly in the browser address box. You can open, navigate to your Facebook page, and then look at the address bar in the browser at the top.

You can link to your Facebook page from this URL. Facebook will generate a unique URL from your Facebook page name.

Requirements to Change URL of Facebook Page

If you’re looking to change your page URL, it’s essential to be familiar with Facebook’s username guidelines. Review the following to make sure you’re all set to change your page username or URL.

You should be a page admin

Before attempting to modify anything on your page, ensure that you are authorized. Like all modifications to your carrier, Facebook requires that changes be made only by an administrator.

You must have a unique username

Facebook allows unique names when you enter your page username. You won’t have the ability to change your username if someone else is using that username. If the username you want is already taken, you can try another variant.

Capitalizations and periods are not allowed

Facebook doesn’t allow you to capitalize or use periods to change a username if it is already taken. Jane usernames Facebook considers Janedoe, and Jane doe the same.

Do not use extensions or generic terms.

Use extensions and generic terms such as “.com” and “.net.” Instead, use alphanumeric characters and periods. You can use the letters A-Z and the numbers 0-9.

Enter a username that contains at least 5 characters

According to Facebook’s guidelines, a username must contain five characters. To ensure you meet the minimum, you can also use numbers and other permitted symbols.

  • It would help if you did not use the username of your Facebook page to impersonate or copy other people.

Facebook has strict guidelines regarding impersonation and copying of another person’s identity. Some features have a dedicated team that reviews reported cases. When choosing a username for your brand, ensure it is unique and authentic.

Your username must not violate Facebook’s Terms

Facebook has terms that all users must adhere to when using the site. These terms also apply to your username. Follow them to avoid any hassles.

Remember that you can’t change your username right away if you have recently created multiple pages on Facebook. You will remove your username if your page is inactive on Facebook.

How to Change Facebook Page URL: Step by Step Guide

To explore the full features of any site, it’s better to go with the Desktop version. Here too, it’s better to explore the Facebook page from your PC. Check these steps to edit your Facebook Page username instantly. Log in to your Facebook account and then click on the Page Section. It shows the list of all pages owned by your Facebook Account.

  • Choose/ open the Facebook page on which you want to edit the URL.
  • Click on the More from the Page Dashboard. It shows the different options on the drop-down.
  • Open the Edit Page Info option from there.
  • Click on General and then Click on Username.
  • Clear the current username and enter your custom username. 
  • Once it verifies the username with a tick (it means that the username is available), click on Save changes. Sometimes it automatically saves the changes if the username is available.
  • Enter your Facebook password to confirm and then Submit it.
  • Finally Done, that’s the step to be followed to change your Facebook URL easily. 


Why Can’t I Change My Facebook Page URL?

Three conditions are required to change your Facebook profile. You must have at least 24 likes on your Facebook page. You must also have at least one post on your Facebook page. The username for your Facebook page must be unique.

What happens with my old URL?

Your previous URL will no longer exist once you have changed your username or URL. A potential connection will receive an error message if they try to find you via the Facebook page URL. If you change your URL, make sure to update your flyers and contacts.

How often can I change the URL of my Facebook page?

Like Facebook’s page name changes, there is no limit to how many times you may change your URL. If you have just created multiple pages, your username or URL change may be affected.

How can I redirect my Facebook page URL to my new website?

Facebook cannot redirect people from an old URL to your new page URL. This is because if a username is inactive, others may be able to use it.


Changing the username sets the new URL for your Facebook Page. It must be unique and catchy to the eye. So, try to fix the Facebook Page username as per your Facebook Page Name. Here, we discussed the process How to change Facebook Page URL.

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