8 Best Screen Recorder for Chromebook OS

Best Screen Recorder for Chromebook OS: Are you looking for the top screen recorders on Chromebooks that seamlessly record both external and internal audio? You’ve come to the right spot. In this article, we will review the pros and cons of, cons, prices, and reviews for each product to guide you to choose the best Screen Recorder to use with Chromebook OS.

Chromebook is among the most well-known devices utilized across the globe by a variety of organizations. However, certain Windows or Mac apps aren’t compatible on this device, particularly when people attempt to record videos of different fields, such as creating educational videos Illustrations, business media, and more.

Even so, Chromebooks come with a built-in screen recorder that permits users of all Chromebook customers to create a video for free. However, the issue is, that is missing certain basic functions which limit its range and performance. Because the built-in recorder isn’t able to record internal audio on an operating system, the creators of content require another screen-recording software to get their work completed.

Best Screen Recorder for Chromebook

There are plenty of recorders that can be used for Windows and macOS However, things differ in the case of Chromebook recorders. What is the best screen recorder that works with Chromebooks? This article will introduce a few of these Chromebook screen recorders and let you choose the most appropriate one.

#1. Screencastify: Best Screen Recorder for Chromebook

Screencastify is an extremely well-known and simple screen recorder available for Chromebooks accessible on the internet. One of its main attributes is that it’s an extension for Chrome and it can be installed and utilized effectively. It’s a fantastic plugin for creating high-quality tutorials as well as presentations. It’s a great screen recording option for users of Chromebook users since it doesn’t require any additional software extensions.


  • There is no limit to the number of videos you can create.
  • The videos automatically are saved to Google Drive
  • An online video editor for free is available to cut, trim, or join screencasts
  • The ability to export as MP4, GIF, or an audio-only MP3 file
  • Annotation tools can help you highlight your notes when recording


  • The free version is limited to five minutes of recording
  • The video editor for free restricts the export to five minutes.

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#2. DVDFab: Best Screen Recorder for Chromebook

If you’re in search of a screen recorder with an all-in-one package with the latest options and features, DVDFab Screen Recorder is the perfect choice for you. With this amazing software, it’s not only possible to record the video but you can also record the audio in a single session and with ease.

DVDFab Screen Recorder on Chromebook lets you add animated call-outs, animations, captions, and transitions to your videos. In essence, if you’re looking to record a screen onto your Chromebook there isn’t an easier screen-recorder software than DVDFab Screen Recorder and Editor.


  • Easy to use
  • Features advanced recording features and editing
  • Works with iOS along with PC both
  • allows for recording video and audio simultaneously.


  • The software is not free to use.
  • More options to consider

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#3. Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast

Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast can be used to screen-capture the entire website or any part of it. Screenshots can be edited and recorded as screencasts as well as videos directly from your screen. You can record the entire web page, be it just a small portion of the entire screen in your web browser.

You can also edit pictures using an extremely user-friendly interface. This can be a fantastic alternative to the “exceptional screenshot capture and annotate” application or extension.

Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast can be used to capture the entire page or just the necessary section. It is also ideal for recording the entire screen of the browser. It can also be used to capture the browser window of other applications.


  • It lets you create custom watermarks.
  • The ability to customize the resolution of your recording as well as frame speed.
  • Converter for video built-in WebM converts it to Mp4 as well as GIF
  • Built-in Crop and Trim and note options (Premium).
  • Integrated integrations built-in: Google Drive and Dropbox (Premium Plan).


  • The default format for videos is stored in WebM format. You need to purchase an upgrade plan to gain exports of GIF or MP4
  • The option to save to Drive, Dropbox, or YouTube is an option that is premium
  • No video editing software for free

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#4. Vmaker

Vmaker is a video and screen webcam recording application that lets different web-based tutors gamers, students YouTubers, and course creators make an edit, share, and track videos in only one or two steps. The software is available as a Chrome extension and a Mac application.

All Chromebook users are able to make optimal use of this application by installing this Chrome Extension from Chrome Web Store for free.


  • Friendly interface for users
  • Both internal and external recordings are recorded. audio
  • Multiple recording modes that allow users to toggle between windows screens, tabs, and windows easily
  • It comes with no watermarks and an integrated editor (Premium)
  • It allows users for free to record, edit and share content on different social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Up to 4K recording resolution.
  • Allows users for free to keep track of the number of times they have viewed the video


  • Bugs and Errors
  • No support is available on Free Plan

#5. Loom

Loom is a well-known business-oriented video recording tool that is compatible with Chromebooks. It is compatible with many devices and comes with a variety of features. It is a favored video recording application among Chromebook users.

Loom is aimed to improve and simplify workplace communication through online video recording–additional features such as do-not-disturb modes and video editing capabilities (trimming and duplicating). It allows users to run the program on their own computer or on the cloud.


  • Easy User Interface.
  • Easy and quick editing.
  • The tool offers videos and tutorials to its users.
  • Compatibility with Google Chrome.


  • Internet connections that are slow can hinder the performance of an application.
  • Few audio bugs.
  • Video processing is slow.
  • Sometimes, the quality of the video may not be as great as the other programs offer.

#6. Screencast-O-Matic

A lot of people are unaware that Screen-O-Matic is an extremely powerful recording tool that works with Chromebooks because it’s usually thought of as to be a Windows or Mac recorder. Screencast-Omatic actually offers users the Chrome extension to record anything that is displayed visibly on your Chromebook screen. Additionally, you are able to download the launcher for this recorder from the Chrome store on the web.

Its Chromebook screen recorder lets you capture the screen and the microphone at the same time, so you can add voiceovers to your videos to clarify things that are hard to comprehend. It gives you a huge number of songs and other traditions that you can add to your videos however, you must pay for these.


  • It is easy to master and simple to easy to use.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Compatible compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS Compatible with Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android.
  • Variable recording area.
  • Draw tools available to take notes
  • Upload your recordings to cloud accounts
  • Support for trimming recordings


  • The program does not allow full-screen recording.
  • You must log in to access this recorder.
  • Some elements are only available as paid-for features

#7. Recordcast

Recordcast is an easy-to-use and simple online screen recorder that works with Chromebook cost-free. Similar to other recorders on the internet the steps required to record the Chromebook screen are incredibly easy. One of the most attractive features of this screen recording app designed for Chromebook is the video editor online that it comes with.

After recording, you will see the “Download and Edit” button that you can click to download the video you recorded onto your device. In addition, the webpage transforms into an online editor providing you with a range of tools to edit your videos without any cost. For instance, you can apply watermarks and transitions to videos by simply clicking.


  • Recordings for both system audio as well as mic (external) audio
  • It comes with a powerful integrated video editor
  • Users can capture and export videos in 1080 p resolution.
  • It supports multiple recording modes.


  • It does not offer an option to share video recordings.
  • Each video will have a recording duration that is 30 minutes.
  • Export only recordings that are to WebM formats (Free Plan)

#8 Vidyard Screen Recorder

Vidyard Screen Recorder works with your Chromebook and will allow you to create videos or capture snapshots by simply clicking.

The quality of video recorded in the output files can be altered however, this screen recorder on Chromebooks has two different levels of quality. To make things clearer it is possible to record HD videos or deactivate the HD recording by changing the settings. While you cannot alter the resolution of your video the recorder will satisfy the most basic recording requirements.

If you wish to share your video recordings with other people it isn’t necessary to download the videos and then send them out one at a time. All you have been able to copy is the URL of the video and then share it by email.


  • The interface is user-friendly
  • Supported by Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android as well.
  • Captures both external and internal Audio.
  • It is easy to integrate easily with 29 well-known Sites such as Google Analytics, Hubspot, etc.
  • Customizing the thumbnail support
  • Upload your recordings to YouTube directly
  • Upload the recordings onto your website with ease.


  • It’s not able to record full-screen.
  • It doesn’t allow users for free to create videos with no watermarks.


What is the best screen recorder software for Chromebooks?

There are many screen recorders to choose from for Chromebooks. However, if you’re looking to select the bestone, make sure you choose Screencastify. It can capture the browser’s video without losing the quality of the video. Another benefit is that it allows you to record your screen with no time limitation.


Finding the best screen recorder for Chromebook is vital for people who use it like you. This is the reason we’ve listed the 8 best screen Recorders to try.

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