17 Best Android Phone Cleaner App 2023 (Best Phone Booster)

17 Best Android Phone Cleaner App or (Best Phone Booster Apps in 2023): If you’re struggling with problems with speed or memory issues on an Android device, clearing junk files out of the cache can solve the issue. As time passes, the device collects lots of browser history, notifications, and temporary files stored in your system’s cache.

The more junk files accumulate, the more sluggish your system becomes. By removing apps you don’t use and deleting old files, you can free up space on your device and make it run faster.

Many applications clean out junk files and offer many other utility options, but most aren’t secure and are stuffed with annoying advertisements and malware. The avg cl trick is to find phone cleaner applications that perform as promised.

In the best case, a poor cleaning app will eat up your storage, and at worst, it may cause you to be infected by malware and send you a flood of advertisements. Many Android cleaner applications are worthless.

However, the cache files on your Android are accumulating over time, and the most effective free cleaner available for Android detects unwanted files on your device and removes them.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the 17 Best Android Phone Cleaner Apps for phones that are accessible online for your phone to ensure optimal performance for a longer time.

Top 17 Best Android Phone Cleaner Apps in 2023

The latest phones are equipped with technology that helps clean up the cache of RAM and junk files. But if you’re using an affordable phone with old versions, you’ll need to install an additional cleaner application independently. This is why you can test this Best Android Phone Cleaner App (top phone booster app) from our selection.

All-in-One Toolbox

Cleaning your phone of any unneeded files is only one aspect of the task of maintaining your phone. How do you keep track of the health of your battery, your CPU’s temperature, and the annoying mobile advertisements? The appropriately named All-In-One Toolbox can take care of it all.

All-in-One Toolbox

It can clean up the temporary data on your Android device, wipe out your cache, and delete empty folders and files that have been abandoned. Just one tap to review your device and then a second tap to delete the files, and you’re done. The exact same process is used in other sections of the app as well.

This Boost functionality will clear your system cache and then close applications running in the background with two taps. It is possible to set this up to automatically use the Boost+ option if you prefer to do so, but it is a cost-included purchase. If you’re running low on battery, then it’s time to turn off the battery saver feature. It’s a different task killer in the background (see further for a note regarding this). However, it also displays your current battery status.

Download the All-in-One Toolbox App

SD Maid

SD Maid is probably the most underrated phone cleaner app on the Play store and It’s known for its thorough cleanup of cluttered files on Android.

SD Maid

To accomplish this, it provides a broad selection of tools for managing additional files. Once you’ve finished with the cache, you will be able to deal with duplicate files, files created by previous apps, control current apps, and much more. It’s also a great device storage analyzer that gives users an in-depth review of its storage.

You can also plan cleaning tasks using this app, which is cleaner for Android. The Scheduler feature and other features are limited exclusively to SD Maid Pro users. The user interface is neat and organized. It could take some time to master the process of it.

Install SD Maid App

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Smart Phone Cleaner-Speed Booster & Optimizer

The Smart Phone Cleaner, Speed Booster, and Optimizer from SYSTWEAK SOFTWARE is a multi-faceted application that can help you improve speed and performance on your Android device.

Smart Phone Cleaner-Speed Booster & Optimizer

The most significant feature of the Smart Phone Cleaner application is the easy interface. You can remove multiple junk files faster using this application compared to other top-notch free cleaners available for Android effortlessly.

It also assists in removing duplicate files based on the type of file size, date, and type. Ensure your device is protected from malware when you use the anti-malware app. The private browsing feature lets users browse on their own without saving their browsing history, cookies, cache, or any other data.

The CPU temperature cooling feature lets you reduce your processor’s temperature when running hot. This means you’ll be safe from the harm caused by internal heat from thermal effects. This file manager helps manage and organize your files using File Explorer so you can transfer, delete, and back up your data.

The RAM closing feature is incredible. This feature aids in improving gaming performance by removing unneeded tasks running in the background. It is as easy as tapping the button to boost to maximize the RAM storage.

This application lets users clean out temporary and RAM files to boost their performance on Android. With the Battery Saver and App Manager, you can get rid of apps that you don’t use on your Android to make room on your phone.

Download SmartPhone Cleaner-Speed Booster & Optimizer App

Clean-Master of Cleaners, Antivirus

Clean Master Cleaner is one of the best Android apps with a space cleaner and antivirus for your device. The app acts as a junk cleaner to eliminate useless caches, residues, and other files that make phones slow.

Clean-Master of Cleaners

It also allows the blocking and removal of viruses and other threats on the internet. The App Lock security features are well-liked by most users who want to stop unauthorized access and are also one of the most-used free Android cleaner apps.

In addition, it comes with all the tools needed to clear a photo vault and hide private photos. A lock for apps to secure and protect apps also helps find fraudulent WiFi networks.

Download the Clean Master App

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AVG Cleaner & Battery Optimizer.

AVG Cleaner and Battery Booster from AVG Mobile can be described as the top cleanup tool for Android, allowing you to store many more media files on your phone.

AVG Cleaner

With AVG Cleaner and Battery Booster, you can get rid of junk files, low-quality photos, and duplicate images to make your device easier to use. It will free up space on your Android by eliminating any unnecessary media files, such as video files, temporary files, and many more.

The performance of Android is enhanced by the RAM Cleaner and memory booster, which allows you to get rid of duplicate and junk files with just a tap. Additionally, you can use a feature to conserve battery power inside the app. You can make your Android device’s battery last longer by getting rid of processes that use up CPU resources.

Download AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster

C Cleaner

CCleaner for Android is a multi-functional application that aims to clean and analyze unwanted files that take up valuable space. The cleaner function’s primary purpose is to erase cache data from apps, clear empty folders, and erase different history files.

C Cleaner

An App Manager also provides an intuitive interface to select several apps to uninstall. Additionally, the System Info page monitors your phone’s capabilities (CPU and RAM, as well as information about your device), allowing you to see what’s happening.

There is no root required, and it’s completely free, though you can upgrade to a pro subscription to gain additional features. It’s thin on options, but it can do its job when all you require is a fast method to free up the storage space on your phone.

Download C Cleaner app

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Avast Security

Avast is among the top Android cleaning applications to help users get rid of clutter and create extra storage space. It turns off Bluetooth or WiFi and mobile data when battery power is low, which helps save your battery during the most critical moments.

Best Android Phone Cleaner - Avast Security

It shuts down your phone and tablet applications to improve performance. Additionally, it aids in getting rid of duplicate, outdated, similar, and poor-quality photographs. It stops CPU, memory, and traffic-draining programs from running, so you can keep enjoying your performance.

This program is a part of one of the top companies in the antivirus segment. So, there is no reason to doubt the effectiveness of this software; it’s smooth and quick. It is a complete and adored application for all types of users to remove bloatware, preinstalled, and other undesirable apps from their computers.

Download the Avast Security App

Files by Google (Google File Manager)

Files from Google (Google File Manager) is a simple-to-use, trusted phone cleaner and the default file manager for a lot of Android users. When cleaning out junk files, it recommends that users erase old photos, memes, or apps they have not used.

Best Android Phone Cleaner - Files by Google

The greatest thing about Files from Google is that it’s mostly an application for managing files and offers an instant offline file transfer service that makes it an excellent all-purpose. Additionally, there aren’t any advertisements. It’s the most effective Android cleaner app with no ads.

It comes with a user-friendly interface that allows users to organize their folders and files. However, when it comes to cleaning, the apps send helpful suggestions on deleting files before the users run out of space. You may, however, notice the absence of some cleaning options compared to the other excellent Android cleaner apps listed here.

Download Files by Google App

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Nox Cleaner-Booster, Optimizer, Master

Nox Cleaner Booster Optimizer Master, developed by Nox Ltd., is one of the top free cleaning tools for Android, trusted by millions of users worldwide. It completely gets rid of junk files and frees up a lot of storage space, which can help your device run better.

Best Android Phone Cleaner - Nox Cleaner-Booster

The feature of cleaning caches with one touch will assist your Android in freeing up lots of memory space through clearing caches and residual files. With Nox Cleaner, you can scan your device for viruses and malware and keep your phone safe from online threats for life.

The memory booster feature and the CPU’s more incredible part will eliminate resource-intensive applications and lower the temperatures of the device so that you can relax and enjoy video games or watch for a long duration.

You can enjoy a smooth gaming experience without lag thanks to this Game Booster Master feature. Its Max Battery Saver feature automatically turns off all apps, which drains the battery of your smartphone.

Download Nox Cleaner-Booster, Optimizer, Master App

Droid Optimizer

Systweak’s wise phone cleaner comes with the same tools to squeeze out the most performance while also removing clutter from the memory of your Android phone. It comes with a junk removal tool and a RAM booster that help clear out the memory, junk files, and cached data.

Best Phone Booster Apps - Droid Optimizer

A manager for apps and a file manager inside CleanerCleaner allow you to remove or back up applications and APKs and manage your files manually. The Smart Phone Cleaner also comes with a battery saver tool that can kill applications that consume power.

It also functions as an application to clean background processes, providing gamers with more memory. It also has fewer advertisements and instantly shuts down unneeded background and foreground apps.

Download Droid Optimizer App

Phone Cleaner- Antivirus Master

The Phone Cleaner lets your phone run faster and smoother by implementing two methods: junk removal and security.

Phone Cleaner- Antivirus Master

The first one deals with cache and memory to make your device run faster, and the second one is meant to protect your privacy and keep viruses out of your files.

The app provides real-time security against viruses and a secure browser that guards your data privacy and browsing history. It even detects fake WiFi and unauthorized connections.

Download the Phone Cleaner-Master Antivirus App

Norton Clean

Norton Clean is another utility competing in the race for Best Android Cleaners & Junk Removers. The brand is well-known in every household for offering the top antivirus solutions, and their Android Speed Booster is no less.

Norton Clean

Norton is the ultimate Android application for clearing caches, cleaning junk, APKs, and residuals. With just one click, you can free up space and get rid of unwanted programs.

It’s a dedicated APK file remover that we can use to remove files that are no longer needed. Norton is among the best Android cleaners without ads and has a full report card to clean.

It will clear caches for specific applications and delete bloatware and background programs by recommending that you eliminate apps rarely used.

Download the Norton Clean App

1Tap Cleaner

Best Android Cleaner App - 1tap cleaner

The 1Tap CleanerCleaner is designed to make system cleaning as easy as possible: just one tap to clean. Its simplicity alone makes it one of our top choices for the best Android cleaner apps.

The auto-cleaner function of 1Tap is intended to clear the phone’s cache of junk files and search history. There are additional tools to clean your phone’s call history and texts; the app management tool; and the ability to search for the default app associations used for file types. This allows users to change these settings.

Download the 1Tap Cleaner App

The 360-degree Booster and Cleaner

360 cleaner -Best Android Cleaner App

It is said to be among the top Android optimizers, cleaners, and speed boosters, and we could not be more in agreement. It’s a great tool to monitor your phone when it becomes slower or slower after installing new games or taking photos.

This smartphone cleaner comes with special tools that boost the efficiency of battery life, clean garbage files, remove games or apps that are not needed, and much more to improve your phone’s speed.

It’s simple to use, with only a single click to increase your phone’s speed. It deletes junk files and eliminates useless apps quickly. Also, stop any other processes that drain the battery and tweak games and apps to get the most out of them.

Download 360° Booster & Cleaner App                                                               

Super Clean

Best Phone Booster App- super clean

Super Clean is not an app to delete caches. It also includes several valuable tools, such as a notification cleaner, CPU cooling, an app manager, battery saving, antivirus, and app locking. The device has a powerful antivirus engine that safeguards your device from threats.

With a single tap, you can eliminate unnecessary files that consume your storage space and memory in just a few clicks. To free up additional space, it is possible to delete duplicate images, documents, music, files, and unnecessary apps. You can also check how much power your apps use and quickly find the ones that drain your battery.

Download Super Clean App


Best Phone Booster Apps-Greenify

Greenify places an application running within the Android phone in hibernation, which means it cannot access resources on the system or bandwidth or perform background processes. But Greenify lets you choose which app you want to run in the foreground most of the time.

If you’re dealing with batteries or memory-hogging programs that drain your resources from your system, don’t waste time with task killers instead of greenifying them.

Get the Greenify App

One Booster

Best Android Phone Cleaner App-one booster

The One Booster can be employed as a cleaner app and an antivirus app. In this way, you don’t need to download an additional antivirus app for Android.

The junk cleaner remains One Booster’s primary USP. It can effortlessly eliminate junk files and caches thanks to its intuitive user interface. In addition, it also has a CPU cooler that cleans your RAM on the Android smartphone. There’s also a battery saver that can shut down applications.

Download the One Booster App


Do cleaning apps for Android work?

you pick an authentic Android cleaner app with the essential tools needed to conduct a thorough cleaning, like Smart Phone Cleaner by Systweak. In that case, you will experience an improvement in performance within a single glance. Apps like these are also made with advanced algorithms that make sure your phone doesn’t lag often.

How do you clear caches within Android?

Clear caches on Android through an Android cleaner application. You can also do this yourself by going to your Android’s Storage settings or the settings for managing apps and clearing the cache for a specific app.

Is it Safe to Delete Cached Data on Android?

It is indeed secure to erase cached information. It can only transparent junk files that take up valuable memory space on the phone. In rare instances, clearing the cache can make the app behave like the app you just installed.

How can I boost my Android phone?

The most efficient way to speed up the performance of your Android gadget is to clean out junk and cache files. It is possible to perform the task by hand or using the Best Android Cleaner App.


Finding the most effective Android phone cleaner Apps is the only way to secure our Android phone and protect it from malware. Below, we listed the top 17 Best Android Phone Cleaner Apps for Android in 2023.

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