iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 13 Mini

One of the latest Models from Apple is the iPhone 13 Mini. It’s the new model that can fight with the previous iPhone 12. This device features a powerful chipset, camera, and longer battery life; that’s enough of what we want from Apple devices. Compare iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 13 Mini specs (Body & Design, Battery, camera, etc)

Comparatively, iPhone 12 is cheaper and more affordable than iPhone 13 Mini. So, we can say it’s why iPhone 12 is quite backward in terms of features and overall performance.

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iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 13 Mini: Comparison

Here we got the small screen size on the phone, iPhone 13 Mini. As the term Mini itself clears, it’s mini. While the Apple iPhone 12 comes with the 6.1 inches bigger screen size, and the 13 Mini has just 5.4 inches. Here it means the iPhone 13 Mini is portable and handier than that.

Also, the Memory features are Wider in 13 Mini. iPhone 12 is packed with 4GB of RAM over the 64GB NvMe Storage, while iPhone 13 Mini has variants on the storage like 64/128/256 over the 6GB RAM.

Yes, getting the powerful battery life is possible on iPhone 13 Mini. This phone features the Superb Battery performance, but we miss the best battery performance in iPhone 12. Notably, the battery capacity is 10% more in the new iPhone 13 Mini

To get the Retina Flash is the sole feature in iPhone 13 Mini over Camera, which we missed on the Previous device. We enjoy the Dual Lens on the Face side with 12MP + 12MP (Wide) lens.

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Compare iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13 mini

DeviceiPhone 12iPhone 13 Mini
Display size, resolution5.4-inch OLED; 2,340×1,080 pixels5.4-inch OLED; 2,340×1,080 pixels
Pixel density476476
Dimensions (inches)5.18×2.53×0.295.18×2.53×0.3
Dimensions (millimeters)131.5×64.2×7.4132x64x7.6
Weight (ounces, grams)4.76 oz; 135g4.97 oz; 141g
OSiOS 14iOS 15
Camera12-megapixel (wide) 12-megapixel (ultrawide)12-megapixel (wide) 12-megapixel (ultrawide)
Front camera12-megapixel12-megapixel
Video capture4KHDR video recording with Dolby Vision up to 4K at 60 fps
ProcessorApple A14 BionicApple A15 Bionic
Storage64GB, 128GB, 256GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB
Expandable storageNoNo
BatteryUndisclosed; Apple lists 15 hours of video playbackUndisclosed; Apple lists 17 hours of video playback
Special features5G enabled; MagSafe; water-resistant (IP68); wireless charging; dual-SIM capabilities (nano-SIM and e-SIM)5G enabled; MagSafe; water-resistant (IP68); wireless charging; dual-SIM capabilities (nano-SIM and e-SIM)

iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 13 Mini: Body & Design

The build quality is the sole that we need in its design. But besides this, we also have to decide the best with its weight. When we talk about the weight, the 13 Mini is lighter than the 12. iPhone 12 weights the 164g, which is 24g (140g) heavier than 13 mini.

The iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 12 are very similar from the outside. The 13 mini has a slightly larger screen, but the design is virtually identical. Both phones have the same aluminum frame body, IP68 waterproof, and a 5.4-inch edge-to-edge display with a protective shield made of ceramic.

It is easy to trace the difference by looking at their colours. The iPhone 12 has six variations, but the 13 mini comes in five completely new colours. The black and white colours have been redesigned to appear more navy and off-white. The fact that dark colours still attract many fingerprint smudges has not changed.

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iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 13 Mini: Battery

The iPhone 13 Mini comes with 2,406mAh, while the iPhone 12 has 2,815mAh. The new A15 Bionic chip in the iPhone 13 mini is also more efficient at managing energy, optimizing the power that apps can consume.

Apple claims that these new changes can give you up to an hour and a half more runtime with a single charge. The 13 mini can keep you going for 2 hours if you stream videos.

The difference between the 13 and the 12 ways was that the 12 lasted 10 hours, while the 13 took only 10 hours. Although the difference might seem small on paper, it is not significant. The Wired charging feature has not been updated, and the battery has not grown in size. The iPhone 13 mini (and 12 features) can charge up to 50% in 30 minutes using a 20W adapter.

iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 13 Mini: Display Features

It’s the Display where Apple has made no notable changes from the iPhone 12 to iPhone 13 Mini. The iPhone 13 lineup is the same size as its predecessors. Here we get the same Super Retina XDR Display with the OLED Panel. The notable difference here is the size of the Display.

The new iPhone 13 Mini comes with a 5.4 inches OLED panel, whereas the iPhone 12 has a 6.1-inch bigger screen. In this update, both are with the HDR and have a lower resolution and pixel density.

iPhone 13 Mini features the 2340×1080-pixel resolution at 476 PPI, whereas 12 comes with the 2532×1170-pixel resolution at 460 PPI. Also, both phones can crank things up to 1,200 nits. Getting the True Tone Display is okay, but it’s still the same on both. 

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iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 13 Mini: Memory and Performance

All iPhone 13 Mini models use the A15 Bionic processor. It is an upgrade to the A14 Bionic chip used in all iPhone 12 models. The A14 was our fastest system-on-chip, so it’s a powerful processor for the new iPhones.

We tested the iPhone 13 Mini and found the new chipset faster than the A14 in the iPhone 12. Although there isn’t a huge gap between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 Mini, it’s still significant.

Pre-installed iOS 15 is included with the iPhone 13 Mini. All iPhone 12 models were launched with iOS 14. However, all are eligible to download iOS 15. The OS is undoubtedly better for the iOS 15 iPhone 13 Mini.

iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 13 Mini: Camera & Photography

The iPhone 13 Mini’s camera specs are identical to the iPhone 12. Both the front and back cameras have dual 12-megapixel sensors. However, this doesn’t reveal the full story of the differences in photo processing between the phones.

The iPhone 13 Mini’s new camera layout allows the wide-angle camera to have a larger sensor and sensor-based stabilization. The iPhone 13 Mini’s camera layout is now diagonal. It allows for a larger sensor and the ultrawide camera’s sensor to gather more light. 

The iPhone 13 Mini’s software also features Photo Styles that allow you to modify how your camera creates your photos. These styles don’t look like Instagram filters.

Night Mode works well on both devices, and the iPhone 13 Mini offers sensor-shift stabilization instead of limiting that feature to the iPhone 12 Model. Additionally, Smart HDR 4 for photos worth highlighting in Cinematic mode, a video shooting.

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iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 13 Mini: Connectivity and Misc.

Apple claims that the iPhone 12 had some of the best 5G compatibility, but the new iPhones should have even greater 5G support. Unfortunately, the iPhone 13 Mini does not support a 5G network. This is only available on SIM Slot 1.

There’s almost the same thing to see with more connections. Both have 5G wireless connectivity, including Express Cards with power reserve. The same NFC features are available with the Reader Mode.

The A14 Bionic chip and A15 Bionic chips are likely to be able to handle most tasks. The A15 Bionic in the iPhone 13 Mini may be compatible with future Apple devices and software. According to reports, Apple may be developing an augmented reality headset and VR headset that can use the iPhone 13 Mini or future iPhone models as a host.

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iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12: Verdict

Although you would expect phones to get better with each generation, the iPhone 12 Vs iPhone 13 Mini comparison is almost identical. This upgrade would include better storage options, a faster processor, and improvements in camera technology.

Most shoppers will prefer the iPhone 12’s 6.1-inch Display, but it is also great to have the handy 5.4-inch Display on the iPhone 13 Mini.

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