How to Clear Data Usage On Android Phone

Do you want to know how to clear data usage on Android then you have come to the right place? Some Android smartphones come with a handy feature that shows data usage.

This “Data Usage” keeps track of the mobile data you have used. However, there is no option to clear the data usage statistics. Let us see how to clear data usage on Samsung, Redmi (Mi), other Android phones step by step.

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How to clear data usage stats on android

In data statistics, these data usage statistics are shown by adding up all the bandwidth. And there’s no easy way to tell how much data you’ve used since the last recharge.

You can completely clear data usage only on rooted devices. If you want to clear the data usage of the phone without root then let us see how to do that.

How to clear data usage on Android Phone Without Root

If you haven’t rooted your smartphone, you can basically clear the ‘Data usage’. But have to be a little patient for this you have to choose a date when you want to reset the data cycle.

First of all turn on your mobile data, then go to System Settings. For this, pull down the notification drawer and click on the gear icon. Or you click on the gear icon to open system settings on the app drawer.

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap on “Network & Internet”.
  • Then tap “Data usage.”
  • In the data usage option, tap on “Data warnings and limits”.
  • Now you will reach additional settings.
  • Tap Data Alerts & Limits.
  • Click “App data usage cycle”.
  • Now Select today’s data.
  • Tap on Set.

How to clear data usage on a Rooted device

You can easily Clear data usages in the rooted device. First of all,

  • Open your file explorer.
  • Go to /data/system/netstats.
  • In the netstats folder, delete all files.
  • Reboot your Android Phone.

Now this will clear everything under ‘data usage’. This option is not included in the latest builds of Android 9. Although the above methods will work on all Android devices.

How to Clear App Data

We regularly use a lot of applications on our Android smartphones. When we have a lot of applications installed, it can seem a burden. We use apps, they keep storing data for further use and take up space from our internal storage, filling it up fast. To keep your smartphone’s memory and storage under control, you can clear app data on your phone.

If you want to use an app again, you have to delete it. You can reinstall it or clear the app data. Now you will learn how to clear app data on Android devices.

  • First Open the Settings app on your smartphone.
  • Then go to Apps Menu
  • Choose installed applications.
  • Choose the app you want to clear app data.
  • Go to Storage Tab.
  • Tap Clear Storage / Clear App Data.

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