How to fix call ended problem in Jio/Airtel/Bsnl/Vodafone/idea/Vi

How to fix Call Ended immediately after dialing or Why my call ended automatically Without Ringing:  You are making an important call and your call has ended. Showing you repeatedly that the call has ended. In that case, you can get angry. But at that time only one question will come to your mind that how to fix Call End problem in Jio or Airtel or VI?

This problem can occur due to some factors. Today in this post I will tell you how to fix “Call Ended immediately after dialing” problem.

What is Call Ended, if you call someone on the phone, but after few seconds the call ends. So it means that your call is no longer in progress.
This happens when you or the person you were talking to has poor coverage which causes the call to drop. Or your call is not able to connect to any number.
There are many reasons why a call may end on your Android phone. Today we will know call ended’s reason and also know “how to Fix Call Ended“?
  • check your network.
  • check your entered number.
  • Disable and enable network.
  • enable and Disable airplane mode.
  • Insufficient balance.
  • disable Call Barring.
  • Insert the main SIM into slot 1.
  • SIM card & Mobile network setting.
  • Contact the Customer Care.

Disable and enable network

Initially disabling and enabling the SIM is the fastest way to fix the call-ended problem. One of the best ways to initially register on the network is to take the SIM out of the slot and reinsert it.

Enable airplane mode

Another way is to put your phone in airplane mode for 30 seconds. If the problem still persists then you can follow the steps given below

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Reboot your android phone

Rebooting your device is one of the easiest ways to solve any smartphone-related issue. Rebooting the smartphone can be quite effective. Rebooting restarts the entire operating system, and if there is a software bug, that gets fixed too. You will have to reboot your smartphone once to check if the call ended error is fixed or not. We hope your call ended problem will be fixed after rebooting the device.


This can also happen when your phone balance runs out. So first of all check your balance and if there is no balance then recharge it. After recharge, your call end problem will be fixed.

How to Activate DND in Jio/Vodafone/Airtel/BSNL/Idea/Vi

Disable Call Barring

  • First, tap apps.
  • then, tap system app settings.
  • Tap call settings.
  • Tap Advanced settings.
  • Then click on Call barring.
  • Go to Call Barring.
  • Now disable all options.
How to fix call ended - system app settings
how to solve call ended problem in airtel - call settings
how to solve call ended problem in vi - advance settings
how to fix call ended problem in bsnl - call barring
how to solve call ended problem in mi phone - Select jio
How to fix call ended problem - call barring
After this process, your call-ended problem will be solved.

Insert the main SIM into slot 1

Another solution to the call-ended problem is to insert the SIM in SIM slot 1. Always make sure that you insert the main SIM card in slot 1 which will also help in increasing your data speed. Switching your SIM slot to 1 may fix the call-ended issue.

SIM card & Mobile network setting

To fix the call ending issue, you should do some settings in the SIM card and network. Like VoLTE, APNs, Preferred Networks, etc.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap SIM cards & mobile networks.
  • Now, Tap on VoLTE.
call ended problem in jio - enable Volte
  • Open Settings.
  • Tap SIM cards & mobile networks.
  • Tap on SIM card.
  • Tap Access Point Names.
  • Then, tap Reset.
call ended automatically - SIM card settings
how to fix call ended problem on android - reset apns
  • Tap on Preferred Network type.
  • Tap Prefer LTE.
how to solve call ended problem - Prefer LTE

Contact the Customer Care

Even after following all the above-mentioned methods, if your call is not working then contact customer care from another phone. Or contact your nearest SIM card retailer.
We hope that your call ended problem is resolved. In our post “How to fix call ended problem in Jio/Airtel/Bsnl/Vodafone/Idea/Vi” which step solved your problem? Please let me know by commenting.

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