Why is My Phone So Slow All of a sudden [How do you fix]

why is my phone so slow all of a sudden

A slow mobile phone can be annoying. With the aging of phones, one of the most asked questions is why is my phone so slow/laggy all of a sudden & how can I speed up my android phone?

However, there are some possible reasons that with the right knowledge you can prevent your phone from slowing down. That is why we have prepared the list here, which will help you in reducing this problem.


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Why is my phone so slow or laggy : (reasons)

  1. Full storage and RAM

  2. Installing unselected applications

  3. Battery overheating

  4. Installing Cleaner and Task Killer Apps

  5. Cache in browsers

How can I speed up my android phone?

Free up space and RAM

First of all, you backup all your documents, photos, and videos then Delete it. Because space on your phone and RAM is the main reason for your phone slow down.

You can save your smartphone from slowing down by removing unnecessary data. A breathing room is required for any phone to run smoothly, and if this storage is full, the automatic may start to slow down.

The good thing is that many Android devices offer options to clean storage without installing third-party apps.

Remove apps that you never use, which may free up your storage and operating system.

Whether you are using one app after another or multi-tasking, which makes it easy to switch between different apps, these unused apps keep running in the background. By clearing background apps, you can make the phone run faster.

 If you have enabled the developer option then you can also stop apps or services running in the background.

Install selective applications

You get a new smartphone, after that you start installing apps from the Play Store one by one, which you don’t use or rarely do, you also install them. As a result, your store affects your CPU which is the main reason for slowing down your phone.

Only install selected apps that you use the most. You can uninstall after using apps that you use very rarely or occasionally.

Battery heating

Another reason for the device to slow down is that the battery on your Android device overheats as it reacts to the current flow. In this condition, your battery starts heating up quickly. Because heat causes thermal throttling, due to which the CPU is not able to perform its best. The CPU provides limited performance in hot conditions which protects your phone from further damage.

Reboot your device

A simple and quick solution for a slow phone is to simply restart it. This clears the cache, and it prevents unnecessary tasks from running, making the device faster.

Just hold down your phone’s power button, and tap on the restart option, and then tap OK to confirm.

Uninstall cleaner and task killer apps

Cleaner apps and third-party storage management apps can usually be more harmful than good. Android phones manage their RAM to the best of their ability.

If you kill the background application you need, it takes longer to reboot and use more battery which can slow down your device.

If you use an app like Clean Master then you should know that these apps often clear the way for app caches that slow down your operation rather than speed it up.

Even though the speed of these cleaner apps shown on your home screen has increased, nothing really happens. When using third-party applications such as Cleaner you should be concerned about your privacy and the security of your phone.

Clear cache from web browser

Cache pre-storage images files that reside on your hard drive for faster access, so it’s quicker if you want to go to the same page again. If you want to clear the cache from the Chrome app, follow the steps below. Here’s how you can do it –


  1. Open Chrome browser

  2.  Tap on three vertical dots

  3.  Tap on history

  4.  Tap Clear browsing data

  5.  Select the time period (all time).

  6.  Check the boxes on “Cookies and Site Data” and “Cached Files and Images”

  7.  Tap Clear data.

Clear cache from web browser 1
Clear cache from web browser 2
Clear cache from web browser 3
Clear cache from web browser 4

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system updates

You should keep checking the system software update from time to time or update it whenever a notification is received in the notification. Software updates are not always about new features, most of the time they are also bug-fixers and performance enhancements that can greatly speed up the operation of your smartphone.

Make sure your software is always on the latest version available. You should make an update when an update notification arrives, it may be a large download, but it is also necessary.

  1. Open the Settings app

  2. Tap about phone

  3. Tap system update

factory data reset

If you have adopted all the above methods and found disappointment, then the last resort is the factory reset. Do all your backups before performing a factory data reset, otherwise, you will lose all data.

Because A factory reset sends the phone back to a new phone-like state. Pre-installed applications and data on the phone are permanently deleted.  

  1. Open settings.

  2. Tap About Phone.

  3. Scroll down & tap Backup and Reset.

  4. Click on Reset Phone.

  5. Confirm by entering PIN, Password, or pattern.

I hope you have got an answer to your question – why is my phone so slow or laggy all of a sudden & how can I speed up my android phone. If you have been able to speed up your phone, then you can comment below.


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