Top 20 Best Free Music Player Apps for Android Phone

Top 20 Best Free Music Player App for Android Phone in 2021

Are you a music lover? And you are looking for the Best Free Music Player App for Android phone that provides great band equalizer, bass, and treble features.

 At this time a lot of people have moved to certain types of music streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music, or Apple Music.

But we face problems due to a lack of connectivity sometimes. And an equalizer option is not found in some music player apps. That’s why we think of third-party apps for music players.


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Here you will learn about the best music players apps and their features and you can also download them easily through the link provided from Google Play Store.

Top 20 Best Android music player app


  1. Musicolet music player

  2. Music Player GO

  3. Pulsar Music Player

  4. MediaMonkey Music Player

  5. Phonograph Music player

  6. Music Player -Audio Player

  7. AIMP Music player

  8. Impulse Music player

  9. Google Play Music

  10. BlackPlayer Music Player

  11. Neutron  Music Player

  12. Pi Music Player

  13. jetAudio HD

  14. BlackPlayer EX

  15. Poweramp Music Player

  16. PlayerPro Music Player

  17. Music Player

  18. Stellio Music Player

  19. VLC for Android

  20. Otto Music Player


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Best free music player apps for android

#1: Musicolet music player

Musicolet music player
One of the free but good music apps for Android. Actually, it is a great app that you can install and use completely for free. It is one of the most popular free music apps for Android. 

With this application, you can listen and transfer a large number of songs and you can also rename the songs. In this app, you will not have to think about unusual advertisements. This may be the best offline music player for Android.

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#2: Music player Go

Music player go- Best Free Music Player App for Android phone

If you are looking for a light-weight Android music player, then the music player GO may be for you. This MP3 player is perfect for Android users who have a budget smartphone who cannot afford expensive apps.

It fulfills all the music playing capabilities you need in the local playback app. Including a custom list, simple queue management, and precise volume control. This Android app has an ad-free, minimalist, and “integrated UI”. It comes with an equalizer and many theme options. You can also set the exact volume as per your own apart from the volume control of the device.

Dark and light themes, edge-to-edge support in various color schemes, the ability to hide albums and folders with songs and sounds. Here you can sort songs by albums, artists, folders, and even hide those folders.

Overall, Music Player GO is one of the best free music players for Android. It is constantly updated by the developer, Music Player Go runs well with Android 10 and 11’s scoped storage. You can get Music Player Go from F-Droid or the open-source Android App Store.

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#3: Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar music player is a great option for you. It is also a free music app for Android phones which is packed with lots of amazing features and stylish appearance.

Features include beautifully material design, tag editing, smart playlist, gapless playback, sleep timer. You will not see any advertisement in it, which causes your boredom. In addition, it will play songs in an excellent manner without any gaps.

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#4: Mediamonkey Music Player

Media monkey Music Player

MediaMonkey is a feature-filled Android music player app. Which includes audiobooks, browsing the library by album, podcast, track, artist, genre, and composer.

 Also can download your missing album art and songs. You can also sync your Android player with MediaMonkey for Windows. It can sync with the desktop version on a desktop almost identical to iTunes. It is available for a 15-day trial period. Its ability to find is fast and features both the tracks and presumably the artist.
MediaMonkey is also an equalizer and is a unique music player that has the ability to sync from your computer to your phone (back) over WiFi. This can be a bit tricky, but it is virtually a good feature.
Many are equipped with additional features like sleep timer, tag editor and home-screen widgets, etc. It is one of the best music players for Android phones that can fulfill your needs.
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#5: Phonograph Music  Player

Phonograph Music  Player

The phonograph is one of the best open-source music player apps. It is light and easy to use. In it, you get to see the classic, simple material design UI. You can change the theme as you wish, but the theme editor is not particularly powerful.

Additionally, you get FM integration, playlist features, a tag editor, a home screen widget, and some other navigation features. It is very simple and a great option for those who want to listen to their music anyway.


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#6: Music Player -Audio Player

Music Player -Audio Player
Music Player (Audio Player) One of the most gorgeous and powerful music players for Android Phones. Here you get a Powerful equalizer, Quick search music support, and audio files. Easy to support all music & audio file formats, Custom background skin.
This player is not only based on artists or albums but also based on the folder structure. You can easily manage your music because Music Player will guide you easily to find all the music on your phone.
More than 20 background skins to make your music player look more outstanding, giving your music player the next level of experience. It also provides a unique equalizer that makes your music sound as you’ve never done it before.
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#7: AIMP music player

AIMP music player

AIMP is a powerful mobile music app. It supports several common music file types, including MP3, MP4, FLAC, and others. You also get customization options, themes, and much other fun stuff like that.

The app has a simple UI, which keeps it simple with a decent content design interface. It also has an excellent equalizer, HTTP live streaming, and volume normalization.



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#8: Impulse Music Player

Impulse Music Player

In addition to gesture control in Impulse Music Player, Impulse Music Player supports many useful features such as bass booster and virtualizer, crossfade, gapless playback, automatic album art download.

 It is highly functional and definitely worth a try. This is what you get listed as “Music Player”, the free version of the app on Google Play.

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#9: Google Play Music

Google Play Music

If you are a smartphone user and music lover, then you are already familiar with Google Play Music. It is one of the most popular free music apps for Android which is inbuilt with the phone.

It has a collection of million songs that help discover new songs and improve your musical experience. It is very easy to install and use. Also, songs in this app are categorized based on their mood, genres, artists, and decades.



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#10: Google Play Music

Google Play Music

BlackPlayer Music Player is another unbeatable music downloader for Android. This app is also very simple to install and use, almost all the songs in your choice list can be found in this collection.

The theme is customizable, and you swipe to change the music in it. In addition, it is smooth and easy to find and modern minimalistic content. you can play all audio formats on this player. 



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#11: Neutron Music Player

Neutron Music Player

Neutron Music Player is another music app that is not nearly as popular. It helps improve music sound as well as has many other features, including support for more specific file types MPC, Flak, etc.

It is packed with a built-in equalizer and other audiophile-specific features. Note that you get a free trial but it is a bit expensive and the UI is definitely not the best on the list.

#12: Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player
If you are looking for a cross-platform music app for Android devices, you can take a look at Pie Music Player. It is also one of the freest music apps for Android, which offers an equalizer feature. 

It has a large collection of both new and old songs. Even recent songs have been added to this collection. The clean and smooth layout of this app is also satisfactory.

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#13: jetAudio HD

jetAudio HD

JetAudio HD Music Player is the most downloaded music app for Android. Along with downloading huge amounts of songs in this app, downloading them can actually be of great benefit.


Furthermore, it has attractive sound quality, and the theme is easy to customize and edit. This entertaining application gives the option to easily share your personal playlist song with your friends via WiFi.


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#14: BlackPlayer Ex

BlackPlayer Ex

BlackPlayer is a simple but elegant music player. It works on a tab structure and you can customize the tab to use only those you really want. It has an equalizer, scrubbing, widgets, an ID3 tag editor, themes, and support for most-used music files.

The best part is there is no advertisement in it. This is a simple and great option for fans of minimalism. The free version offers slightly fewer features than the paid version.


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#15: Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player

PowerAmp has long been one of the best music player app options for many Android users. It gets a smooth user interface with the theme.

It is fast, efficient, and powerful and the app also includes a number of playback features, including crossfade, gapless playback, and a variety of playlists as well as automobile support.

It also gives you widgets, tag editing, and more customizable settings. It is a powerful player that provides good features with almost all of them.

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#16: PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro Music Player offers another good-looking interface that is easy to use. Which you can install for customization. It will also give you support to play videos.

It is the best music player app for Android with a ten-band equalizer. It supports Hi-Fi music (eg 32-bit, up to 384 kHz). As well as Chromecast and Android Auto support, widgets, various audio effects, and some fun features.
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#17: Music player

Music player

If you are looking for a complete but free music app for Android then Music Player by Mytechnosound is a great option for you.

This amazing music app is not only an app that plays music with impressive sound effects and audio enhancing approaches but also the best music player for Android with Equalizer.

It is very light and fast. Also, you can create playlists to specify your favorite songs.

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#18: Stellio Music Player

Stellio Music Player

Stellio is a really good music player. It supports various ideas, playlists, and common stuff like various topics. There are some other features like widgets, average audio codec USXT, a bunch of customization settings.

You can see online lyrics which later become available offline from the same point. Some extras such as Crossfade and a tag editor are also included. The choice is yours but its themes are really good.

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#19: VLC for Android

VLC is noted for its reliable simplicity and ton-of utility. In addition, you can also add videos to your music playback.

VLC for Android is one of the complete video players supporting video and audio file types including MP4, MKV, FLAC. Media enthusiasts can access internet streams and disk shares. It supports multi-track audio and subtitles.

#20: Otto Music Player


Otto Music is a minimalist music player app. Which is an attractive, easy-to-use player for decent navigation and things like Android Auto, and Chromecast.

As well as the application comes with five widgets, tag editing, gapless playback, light, and dark themes, and support for normal and synced songs. This is a solid option in this space. Its size is about 5 MB. It works well in such a small size, and there is really nothing wrong with it.

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