How to Reset/Remove Mobile Data limit Exceeded Notification

In Android mobile phones, you get a feature called the data usage limits. This data usage setting measures the data you use. Which you can set data limit of one month according to you. As soon as you cross a certain threshold, you start getting data alerts.

After the alert starts, you will see how much GB of data you have used during the billing cycle. These data are automatically cleared at the beginning of each billing cycle, which is set on a monthly basis. Here’s how do you remove mobile data limit exceeded notification (solution) or how you can manually reset data usage in your Android mobile phone.

If you want to reset the data cycle, first choose a date and then start resetting it.

Note – First of all turn on your mobile data (cellular data).

Now go to System Settings or drag the notification drawer and tap on the gear icon and you can access the settings directly.


How do I remove cellular data limit exceeded notification (Solution)

  1. Open settings

  2. Tap Wireless & Network

  3. Tap on data usage and click on cellular data limit

  4. Click on the billing cycle

  5. Now set the usage cycle reset date


How do I reset data limit on Samsung?

How do I reset my mobile data limit:

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Click on data usage

  3. Tap on SIM and change cycle reset date

  4. Tap Set mobile data limit

how to reset the mobile data limit
how to reset the mobile data limit 2
how to reset the mobile data limit 3
how to reset the mobile data limit 4
How to Reset mobile data usage warning or limit in Redmi

If the data limit has started on your mobile smartphone too, and you get irritated seeing the warning, then you can get rid of it.

In Redmi phones, you can set a peak limit in your data plan which can be 1 GB, 1.5 GB, or more. You can easily stop data access notifications. Here you will see how you can close or reset the data limit in simple steps.

  1. Open the settings menu

  2. Tap the SIM cards and mobile networks

  3. Tap data plan

  4. Under Set Data Limit, tap on Peak Data Limit option

  5. Set your limit in MB or GB and press OK

  6. Now tap the data usage warning level and set the warning message

  7. Tap on usage reset data, set and press ok

How to Reset data usage in Redmi
How to Reset data usage in Redmi 2
How to Reset data usage in Redmi 3
How to Reset data usage in Redmi 4
How to Reset data usage in Redmi 5
How to Reset data usage in Redmi 6
How to Reset data usage in Redmi 7
How to Reset data usage in Redmi 8

Even after this, if the notification is not completely removed, then drop the notification bar and click on the notification.

After that, you go into the settings, then go to the SIM card limit, after that the data should be stopped from it.

Tap the Recent button on the home page and click on the Settings symbol. Below you will find the option of clear cash, clear it, its data got cleared.

After this open the security app and click on the present button and tap on clear cache and then clear the data. Done, you have removed it completely. if you want to switch back to WiFi, Now you can turn off mobile data.


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