Top 15 Best Fastest Android Launcher in 2023(FREE & Amazing)

Best Fastest android launcher in 2023: When we see some of our friend’s phone interfaces like the home screen, shortcuts, app widgets, text styles, and background themes we want to know which app or android launcher it is.

If you want to make your Android phone cool, and unique, then here you can download the fastest, lightest, smoothest Android Launcher for your Android Phone!

What is Android Launcher? 

By Launcher we customize, arrange, and interact with our apps on the home screen of Android smartphones or desktops. All mobile phones come with a default launcher but we want to use some new features and new customizable searches for our Android, so we use a third-party launcher.
Top 15 Best Fastest Android Launcher In 2021 [Free & Fast]
Evie, Nova, and Hyperion Android launchers are the fastest android launchers. If you are looking for
the best fastest Android launcher for your Android phone then read this article completely.
What is the best Android launcher in 2023?

15 Fastest Android Launchers Apps in 2023

  1. Evie Launcher
  2. Nova Launcher
  3. CMM Launcher
  4. Hyperion launcher
  5. Go Launcher 3D
  6. Action Launcher
  7. Apex Launcher
  8. Niagara Launcher
  9. Microsoft Launcher
  10. Lawnchair Launcher 2
  11. ADW Launcher 2
  12. AIO Launcher
  13. POCO Launcher 2
  14. Smart Launcher 5
  15. ASAP Launcher

If you want to download any launcher from the given list, click the link below which describes it in the article.


#1. Evie Launcher

Evie launcher is one of the best, fastest, and lightweight launchers. It comes with fantastic Gesture features that increase your mobile phone speed. This gives the Universal Search option lets you search all of your apps in one place.

It provides maximum customization options such as app drawer, folder grid, icon size, app icon, and change layout. The Evie launcher app supports the DuckDuckGo search engine, Google, and Bing.

The launcher is fully free of cost and you can install it from the google play store.

Download Evie Launcher

#2. Nova Launcher


Honestly, the Nova launcher is one of the best Android launchers on the Google play store. it has advanced features to enhance your customization, and a powerful, and versatile home screen replacement. It is a lightweight, fast, efficient, and updated app. It is highly optimized with smooth and snappy supports custom icon themes and dock notification badges, and customization. Here Dark or night mode is set automatically at a specific time. Nova launcher supports many advanced features, you can use free or paid versions.
Download Nova Launcher

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#3. CMM Launcher

Image from Google
This launcher comes with a user-friendly interface, fast mobile searches, minimal battery consumption, and UI customization. This protects your privacy from third parties and it makes your phone the ultimate theme by providing free themes for Android.
This Android Launcher is one of the best launchers.
In this launcher, you get a booster option that can increase clear memory and phone speed in one tap! There is also a battery saver to save battery and kill unused apps with less RAM consumption. In CMM Launcher, you can find, download and uninstall all apps from the launcher search bar. Easily, with quick launch contact, you get what you need.
This gives you gesture options that you can use for quick work such as a double-tap on the lock screen for phone boost, swipe with your finger for open search. You can disable or enable the gesture feature as you wish.
In terms of security, it has an app lock feature through which apps can hide and protect their privacy. There is also a passcode/pattern lock with a swipe to unlock the lock screen.
                                              Download CMM Launcher

#4. Hyperion launcher

Image from Google
It not only deserves a sweet, feature-filled launcher with a beautiful UX to everyone but is also always the best that Google has to offer at a consistent pace. As well as constantly advancing new tweaks and user customization options without bloat!
You get to see all the good features found in the launchers in this launcher. This launcher is seen with an intricately designed theme by Manuel Molman (Deep Darkness Theme). Contains adjustment and scroll indicator color, dock background color, folder background color, search widget color (drawer/dock), smart widget color, drawer background brightness.
The Hyperion launcher has the feature of changing the desktop, drawer, and dock icons which can be easily changed according to the size of the icon, label size, text color, text-shadow, many lines etc.
You can swipe to open the folder with the main icon and from the icon pack, you can instantly see changes in your icon pack without leaving activities.
                               Download Hyperion launcher

#5. Go Launcher 3D

Image from Google
Go Launcher 3D is the most downloaded launcher on our list with over 100 million downloads. There is no denying that this launcher is very popular.
This launcher features launcher themes, HD wallpapers, icons, and widgets and you can also lock your home screen, menu, and screen with 3D effects.
It gives you an extremely fast and secure operating experience with simple, intuitive, and awesome 3D effects with an independently developed 3D engine. It is dedicated to being the best companion of users who use Android Mobile in their work.
GO Launcher also provides its live wallpaper DIY with massive stickers, animations, and wallpapers. According to the developers, you can hide and lock the APP to protect the phone and protect intruders, who will try to unlock your APP without your permission.
                                           Download Go Launcher 3D

#6. Action Launcher

If you like pixel devices, the Action launcher can be your best launcher. It is offering the best features of Pixel launcher and Android launcher. There are some extra features such as swipe up your dock to reveal the new full screen all apps mode. Here you get a fully customizable search box, you can have complete control of customization. If you want to change the search box and icon color you can do it. It supports the adaptive icon, an inbuilt weather widget, full notification dots. it supports both phones and tablets.
Download Action Launcher

#7. Apex Launcher


Apex Launcher brings many customizations like icon packs and themes to personalize your phone. It is fast, lightweight, and more efficient. Here we get many features like the Hiding apps option, gesture option, fancy transition effects, app lock, drawer app sorting, etc. Apex launcher also includes an advanced theme engine, Backup/ restore option, more gesture option. It is free but for additional features buy the pro version.

#8. Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher is a modern launcher that gives your Android phone a new look. It features the latest and greatest features of Android 10, which includes smart replies and Dark mode options. It is one of the best fastest Android launchers on the Google Play Store. It is not only lightweight but at just a few MB which is taken very low space. In this app, the Music player shows up on the home screen. If you want to hide any app, this Launcher has already given the Hide apps option. It works smoothly and comes with great design.
Download Niagara Launcher

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#9. Microsoft Launcher


Arrow Launcher which is now known as the Microsoft Launcher. It is a fast, highly customizable Android app. It provides a new home screen experience and you can also use light, dark or transparent themes. By Microsoft Launcher you can easily sync in your Microsoft account. If you want to use Microsoft services like email, and calendar to-do list app, etc you can use it easily. Enjoy updated wallpaper from Bing every day. It provided a custom icon pack and customization features. Using the Bing search bar, you can search the web, your docs, files.

#10. Lawnchair Launcher 2


Lawnchair Launcher is the best minimalist Android launcher. It features similar to Google Pixel Launcher and also pixels “At a Glance” widget. It provides large customization features like adaptive icons, notification dots, and a grid. Lawnchair updated as Lawnchair 2.0 which supports new features such as flexible Desktop, Dock, Drawer Categories. The launcher supports automatic Dark mode and pixel-like features.
Download Lawnchair Launcher 2


#11. AWD Launcher 2

Best fastest Android launcher: ADW Launcher

The launcher app is fast, easy to use, and supports many customization provides new icon effects sections and you can also use its Dynamic UI wallpaper. AWD Launcher 2 is one of the best modern apps. It offers many features such as fast scroll app drawer, widgets, visual mode to configure desktop, icon appearance, gesture option, etc.
Download AWD Launcher 2

#12. AIO Launcher

Best fastest Android launchers : AIO-Launcher

AIO Launcher features such as widgets plugins, icons size, and Android notifications in the home screen stream. It provides many other features like multiple icon supports, tasker integration, and the ability to rename applications. If you want to change the default launcher, this may be one of the best Launcher apps you should try out.

Download AIO Launcher


#13. Poco Launcher 2


Poco Launcher 2 app is smaller, faster, and provides a minimalist design, customizable screen layout, app Drawer, and the newest theme. In the recent updates, some new features included Dark mode support, lock home screen icon, and double-tap for screen lock. Xiaomi says that Poco Launcher supports Android 10.

Download POCO Launcher 2

#14. smart Launcher 5


Smart Launcher 5 is a fast and lightweight launcher. It provides an Ambient theme, adaptive icons, automatic app sorting, and many customization options. The Android launcher has automatic app sorting which is automatically sorted in categories. its design is very simple you can use it with one hand because it is systematic. Smart Launcher 5 features Ultra immersive mode which hides the navigation bar in the launcher to increase your home screen space.

 Download Smart Launcher 5


#15. ASAP Launcher


ASAP Launcher is beautiful, faster, and simple which is focusing on speed. It has a Material Design with customizable colors. It provides a clean launcher experience without a widget. ASAP Launcher does not provide more customization options like other apps, but it features a number of themes.
Download ASAP Launcher

In this post, we provide the list of the fastest & best Android launcher apps in 2023.

Which of these is your favorite Android launcher? Please comment below.


Which is the best launcher for Android?

Nova Launcher is the Best launcher for Android.

Which Android launcher uses the least RAM?

Nova Launcher Prime.

What is the most customizable launcher for Android?

Nova, Niagara Launcher is the most customizable launcher for Android.

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