How to Use Two WhatsApp on One Android Phone

How to Use two WhatsApp in One Android phone

At this time almost everyone uses a dual-sim card mobile phone and more and more people have this question of how to use two WhatsApp in one Android phone. If you want to get the answer to this question then you have come to the right place.

Officially can’t use two WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone. If you use a third-party app, your WhatsApp account may be permanently closed. So don’t use any third-party app to use two WhatsApp.

A dual-SIM phone is needed to run two WhatsApp accounts on one phone. Because WhatsApp uses your phone number for verification and confirmation via SMS or call.

However, many Android phone manufacturers allow you to create clones of apps that can be used. Which allows users to use two different accounts of the same chat app in a dual-SIM setup.
  • Xiaomi phone calls it –  Dual Apps
  • Samsung calls it –  Dual messenger
  • Honor calls it  – App Twin
  • Oppo calls it –  Clone App
  • Vivo calls it  – App Clone
  • Asus calls it – Twin Apps
Xiaomi, Oppo, Honor- If you have any of these phones then below are some steps by which you can easily use Dual WhatsApp on your Android phone.
In all three cases, you will be able to install WhatsApp on your phone from Google Play Store. After that, you can clone the app (dual app feature) two WhatsApp in the mobile phone’s settings.

How can Use dual WhatsApp accounts on Xiaomi phones?

Here are the detailed steps to run two WhatsApp accounts on your Xiaomi phone. All the steps are the same for the other two (Oppo, and Honor) phones as well.
1. After you’ve installed WhatsApp – Go to Settings.
2. Search the Dual Apps option and tap on dual apps.
In Xiaomi phones, this is called dual apps, In Oppo phones, it’s called Clone App and In Honor phones, this is called App Twin.
Dual apps

3. You will see a list of apps that can work with it. You can clone any messaging app like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, all you have to do is toggle it.
4. Go to the Dual app and toggle off to get another copy of WhatsApp.


How to Use two WhatsApp accounts on a Samsung mobile  phone

The steps for Samsung too are similar to other brands but slightly different. To clone WhatsApp on a Samsung phone, follow the steps below:
1. Go to Settings.
2. search Dual Messenger and tap on Advance features.
Dual messenger
3. Scroll down to find Dual Messenger and tap it.
4. Now, toggle on Display to enable Dual Messenger.

Advance feature




Install second WhatsApp


5. Install the second Whatsapp app.
6. Tap on Install and then confirm it.
7. click on Next then click Yes.

How to set up the second WhatsApp

  1. Now start another WhatsApp.
  2. Tap on Agree and Continue.
  3. Now, verify your phone number.
  4. Make sure the second sim is in the phone.
  5. Enter another number for the second number on which you want to access WhatsApp.
  6. After typing your number, tap Next,
  7. Then click OK.
  8. Now WhatsApp will send a verification code.

WhatsApp will automatically read that code on your phone. Otherwise, just type the verification code. If you do not receive the SMS, tap on the Retry button. Or wait for a few seconds. Or click the Call button to receive a verification phone call.

Now you will be able to message using both numbers. This is useful if you want to separate your WhatsApp from professional use.

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