Top 15 Android phone problems and solutions (Updated2024)

Top 15 Android phone problems and solutions
Android phone problems and solutions: Hey friend android phone plays an important role in our life at the moment as many functions are handled by Android phones. Smartphones are used for a variety of tasks such as calling, chatting, taking pictures, browsing, useful applications, and more.
Over time, in Android phones, you may notice some common problems such as battery drain, slow phone, overheating, poor battery life, full storage space, mobile software issues, Google Play Store not working, connection issues, and more.
So we have decided to make a list of the 15 mobile phone problems and solutions. Do you want to fix them? If you want to fix it, read this article step by step.
If you are not a technical expert, of course, there can be many problems that are a bit difficult to solve. If you can’t do this yourself, we would suggest you visit an authorized service technician at the phone repair center. 

Top 15 Android Smart Phone Problems and Solutions

  1. Battery drain
  2. Slow Internet speed
  3. Slow Phone
  4. Frozen Phone/(Hanging)
  5. Overheating
  6. Full Storage
  7. App Crash
  8. App not installed
  9. SD card error
  10. Call-End
  11. wi-fi not connecting
  12. Annoying notifications popup
  13. Google Play Store not working
  14. Google Play service error
  15. The keyboard doesn’t work

#1.Battery drain

Battery drain is the most common problem in our Android phones. if you want to increase battery life here some tips are given to those who can fix them by applying them.

Solution: 1. Enable battery saving mode


2. Turn off auto-brightness

This option automatically sets brightness levels according to light conditions. so you can try to turn off auto-brightness or set minimum brightness.


3. Uninstall power-draining apps

Go to Settings and find out Battery Use to see a list of all apps and how much battery consumption. find out which app takes more power and uninstall it.


4. Shorten screen timeout

Go to the settings menu and find out the sleep option which shows how long your display will stay awake after use.


#2.Data connection problem 

When you turn on the data toggle it turns on but you are having data connection problems such as the network doesn’t work, and difficulty in loading web pages in any browsers. Mobile Internet data is what you heavily slow on when you are at places where there is no Wi-Fi access. Then we wait for some time but the data connection does not start. apply these simple steps and get the connection.

Solution: 1. Restart your android

Data connection problems in Android can be fixed quickly. Push the power button and
restart your device.


2. Turn off the data limit

Go to Settings on your phone. Click on Mobile Data then click on Data Usage. It shows the data usage of your device. close the data limit option.

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2. Set 2G/3G/4G Auto mode

Go to settings then go to Mobile Networks and select the 2G/3G/4G Auto mode. It will connect you with the best available signal depending on your location.

3. Reset your  APNs

It seems most common to your APN’s settings after the Android system software update. enter your APN address into the system manually.
Go to your SIM card and mobile networks, choose the SIM card then click the Access point Names and click the internet,  then click on the reset.



#3.Slow speed

Are you irritated with a slow Android phone, That is not running like before? The slow speed is the main problem in Android phones, this problem is due to installing unusual apps and using many apps at the same time. remove junk files, and delete unnecessary pics data. check your internal storage full or nearly full free up some space and make sure your software is up to date.

1. Free up space

Photos, videos you have taken, and installed apps on your phone. It needs space to run smoothly. In the present time, Many Android phones provide cleaning options without third-party apps

2. Don’t install third-party cleaning apps

Android users although using third-party storage management apps are usually more harmful than good. Android devices manage their RAM quite efficiently on their own If a background application you need is killed, rebooting it takes and further slows down your device.

3. Clean up your home screen

4. Uninstall unusual apps

5. Update your install apps


#4.Phone Freeze/(Hang)

This is especially the case with full storage space in older phones or devices. People usually turn their phones on or off when the phone hangs. When this does not work, we usually take out the phone battery and everything returns to normal. But some modern phones do not have this option due to which the battery cannot be removed. Don’t worry, you can overcome this problem by following the steps below.
If you are a general or Samsung / Mi phone user then –
Press the power key + volume down button for 14 -15 seconds or until the Samsung logo appears. Now your phone will restart.



Are you facing overheating on your Android phone? Read these simple troubleshooting ways to fix the overheating problem on Android. Overheating is a common reason that damages your phone, this is harmful for your skin so be careful about overheating.

1. Don’t use the phone at charging time
2. Don’t use in direct sunlight
3. Avoid using heavy apps and games
4. Don’t use over brightness level

#6.Full Storage

insufficient storage: If you are fond of selfies, and songs, then you will be saving a lot of pics, songs, documents, and some other files. Even though you no longer need them, you cannot delete them and sometimes those files become so old that you forget that you have stored them on your Android phone. Unnecessary apps also fill significant storage space that can be used for other purposes.
This is also a common mobile problem. When your phone’s storage space is full, your smartphone slowly starts answering. To solve this problem, you can delete files and applications that you no longer use.
If you wish, you can also delete old calls text messages, and cache data. To save your valuable information, try transferring those files to a secure location on a microSD card, Dropbox, or online cloud.

#7.App Crash

This problem can be annoying, but it is not so difficult to solve. Sometimes it may be related to bugs on the app or perhaps your operating system is not sufficient for those apps. All applications are constantly adding new options in today’s time and improving some details for better performance. Due to this, your phone may not support the latest version and this app may crash all the time.
It may also be related to your storage space, so make as much space in the phone as possible. You should try to restart your Android phone and start using the app again. Sometimes cleaning the cache data of the app also works. If it continues like this, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. As stated earlier, sometimes the app contains too many bugs that cause this problem.

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#8. App Not Installed

Many times we get annoying messages when we install any apps on our Android phone when we install any apps that are incompatible with our devices, Apps may not get installed. this shows an error ‘App not installed’.Check your data connection and try to install the app again.

Solution: 1. Use an older version of  the App

The latest version of apps may not support your device due to system limitations. Download older versions of the app. If works properly then your device is not capable of reading the latest version of the APK.

2. Clear Google Play Store cache

Go to settings, search, and click the “Apps” option then click Manage apps. Find out the Google Play Store click and clear cache data.

3. Free Up Storage

4. Restart your phone 

#9.SD Card Error

Your phone is full, and you don’t want to lose your files when transferring them, so you probably think of an old microSD card you bought a few years ago. But, when you install it on your device, there is a problem, your device does not want to accept that card.
If your phone does not recognize that card. Format your SD card from your Android phone or try connecting the card reader to your PC and format the SD card. Now restart your Android phone and insert the SD card again. Now your microSD card will start working

#10. Call Ended Problem

When you call someone, sometimes your call is cut quickly. You have to make the necessary calls and it is cutting again and again which can be quite annoying.
Solution :
First, check your balance, see if the network is there and once you check the number, check if the number is correct. If your call is still ending then you should go to the call settings.
Open the dialer pad, and click on the three dots at the top right corner. Then click “Call Settings”. After that go to the SIM settings, select the SIM card, and then choose the call-barring option. First Confirm your phone password and turn off outgoing call barring.


#11. Wi-Fi Not Connecting

If you are having problems connecting your Android phone to a Wi-Fi network. Unfortunately, many users experience this problem from time to time. If you want to remove this problem, adopt the ways given below.


Solution: 1. Match the Wi-Fi name and password in your phone

Figure out that you were trying to connect to the right network. recheck the Wi-Fi name and password.

2. Forget wifi and reconnect wifi 

Go to setting options then click the wifi option and select your network. Click the ‘forget button’, Forget, and reconnect the network.

Reconnect the same network with your password which is already used above.

3. Factory data reset

first backup all data like photos, videos, and files, and then reset.

If the fixes described above didn’t work, then choose the factory data reset option. Performing a factory reset will get rid of any software bugs on your device that might have caused your device to have caused your connection problems.

Then click “Backup and reset ” and select the factory reset option on your device. After the reset is completed, turn on Wi-Fi, and connect it. Sign In again with your Google account. After completing the process use and feel like a new phone.

4. Check power saving mode is off


#12. Annoying Notifications Popup

Whether a highly important application or, aggressively, an aggressive sector, you can prevent a notification nuisance at your source by pressing your next unwanted alert. This will show a control panel, allowing you to completely turn off the notification whenever you want. Or you can soothe it for a while so that it appears but does not actively attract your attention.
Annoying notifications are always a long press and a tap away. Hold your finger on the Info button that appears. Press it and you will be taken to the information screen for the application, in which the notification was displayed, in which you will get an option that says Notification disabled.

#13. Google Play Store Not Working

Google Play store crashes or not working. Do you know what’s the reason and how to fix the problem? Check your internet connection. when installing any new app from the Play Store sometimes it shows errors, apply these simple tips  which are given below, and solve this

Solution: 1. Clear Play Store Cache

The cache is a storage area that temporarily holds data so it can be quickly retrieved without needing to be reloaded.
Go to settings apps go to the application manager scroll down and select clear cache. After this process, all your cache data is removed.

2. Remove and re-add Google account
3. Reset your phone

#14.Google Play Service Error

Unfortunately, Google Play services have stopped finding this message on your phone. there are some reasons responsible for this problem as when we change certain settings in the operating system of the phone.

1. Restart your phone
2. Clear the Google Play service app cache
3. Update the Google Play service app
4. Remove your Google account and again sign in to Google

#15. Keyboard Doesn’t Work 

Many times our Google keyboard disappears.

1. Install the latest version of the Google keyboard.
2. Go to the setting option find out the Language and input
3. Go to the current keyboard  and set Gboard

Here we have described the Top 15 Android phone problems and solutions. What do you think about this article? Did this help you, you must give your valuable suggestions in the comments below.

How to fix software problems in Android phone

The easiest trick is to restart your phone. Make sure your apps and system software are up to date.
Update all the apps you have downloaded from the Google Play Store.
To update system software: Go to Settings > About phone > System Update > Check for Update.

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